Charity of the Month: American Red Cross

QMT Windchimes is excited to celebrate The American Red Cross this month by renewing our annual support for this tremendous organization. In March, QMT Windchimes will donate 20 percent of our online sales to the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross has faithfully served those in need since it was founded in 1881. Today, the Red Cross serves someone in need every eight minutes, helping those affected by disasters big and small, both natural and man-made.

QMT’s support of the Red Cross goes deeper than just our online sales. In June, QMT Windchimes announced that we are donating the purchase of an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) for the Red Cross. Once it’s finished, the ERV will serve Prince William County in Virginia.

Red Cross ERV’s are a critical part of early responses to emergency situations. They serve as on-site shelters carrying food, water and blankets. Each ERV can also stock and serve up to 300 hot meals on location.

The American Red Cross serves local communities and meets global needs through their generous work. This makes them the perfect representation of QMT Windchimes’ ongoing goal of supporting charitable organizations. Please join us in supporting the American Red Cross by making an online purchase this month or by donating directly to their mission.