Charity of the Month: American Red Cross

Last summer, QMT Windchimes announced our intention to donate an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) to serve the National Capital Region for the American Red Cross. As work continues on this vital vehicle, we need your help to bring the project to a conclusion. Please consider joining us to support the Red Cross with the purchase of a wind chime from QMT. 20% of the proceeds from online purchases this month will help fund the new ERV.

ERVs serve as an on-site shelter for those whom the Red Cross is helping, carrying the food, water and blankets the Red Cross provides to meet the needs of people in crisis situations. Each ERV can stock and serve 300 hot meals in areas where victims and first responders may be stationed. The vehicles also carry external dynamic messaging systems, enabling drivers to share real-time information with the surrounding area.

This new QMT-sponsored  ERV is an updated model that is less expensive, reduces maintenance costs and has a longer lifespan. “This vehicle is a physical manifestation of serving the community, and will benefit everyone,” said Patty Baisden, vice president of QMT Associates, Inc. in her announcement of the ERV donation. “We wanted to give back by providing the equipment needed to help those in crisis. The Red Cross’s National Capital Region has set a goal to replace four older vehicles and our commitment replaces one of them.”

QMT Windchimes is asking for your support to help fund this life-saving vehicle. By purchasing a set of wind chimes online during the month of April, you’ll be contributing to the funding of the ERV. 20% of every online purchase will be donated directly to the Red Cross, and your purchase will further enable work on the ERV project.

We’re honored to partner with the American Red Cross, and we’re grateful for your partnership to help fund this much-needed Emergency Response Vehicle. Thank you!