Corinthian Bells Relaxation CD


Corinthian Bells®, some of the most impressive wind chimes on the market today, are best known for the long-lasting resonance of their peaceful melodies.  Now you can bring this exceptional music anywhere you go with our Relaxation Chimes CD!

The best part of this CD is that it contains tracks designed for any time of day.  Maybe you woke up stressed because you overslept, or you have a big meeting today.  The calming harmonies featured in “Dawn in the Forest” and “Morning Showers” have the perfect melodies to give you a positive start to your day.  “Midday Meditation” will provide a stress-free reflection period during lunch, and you can unwind before bedtime to the sounds of “Vespers at the Lake.”

The CD has 15 tracks, each featuring between three and five different sizes of Corinthian Bells® chimes.  Now you can take the sounds of your favorite chimes anywhere you go, from “Sunrise” to “Sunset.”