Creating Retail “Hot Spots” for the Holiday Season

QMT Windchimes Retail Tips

Putting effective merchandising and display techniques to work in your store can bring you many benefits—increased sell-through and turnover, higher sales, and enhanced profits. Putting more “smarts” into your merchandising and display also has longer-term benefits.

It is important to identify your store’s “hot spots” for setting up special promotions. According to a study cited by retail sales consultant Debra Templar of The Templar Group, each well-planned “hot spot” in your store can increase sales by as much as 229% for these locations, compared to the rest of a store’s floor space.

These “hot spots” will be a great location for QMT Windchimes for the holiday season. Our wind chimes are often purchased for friends and families looking for gifts for the Christmas season. Corinthian Bells, for example (a best-seller), bring visually and acoustically exceptional chimes to yards, porches or patios. You can learn more about retail tips and tricks by downloading our Gift Store Merchandising Success e-book here.