Places that need a wind chime


Have you ever seen a large Victorian home with wrap around porches and looked at the porch thinking something was missing?

When traveling, whether for business or pleasure, we try and rent local places or stay in Bed and Breakfasts. By renting or staying at unique places we are supporting local businesses, but we also have a chance to experience the location and discover unique parts of the community. Multiple times we have sat on the back porch at a lovely Bed and Breakfast and there is not a wind chime in sight. Examples like this illustrate some places I have been that lacked a wind chime.

Gently resonating harmonious notes from wind chimes create an ambiance of relaxation. By adding wind chimes to a porch, a garden, a seating area, the front yard tree or a shepherds hook by a patio, wind chimes transform a space. Calm, soothing music changes a space from a place to sit to a place of tranquil relaxation, inviting one to enjoy a moment of peace.