Redwood Deck Planters – NEW from QMT

At QMT Windchimes, we have always been dedicated to creating high-quality wind chimes, Made in the USA.  We are proud to announce NEW redwood planters that will enhance the beauty and warmth of your outdoor space!

Like all of our products at QMT, these planters are crafted with quality, durable materials and designed to last!  The solid redwood boards are rot resistant, and there are three drainage holes in the center to ensure a clean environment for your favorite plants and flowers.

These planters, however, are not only functional:  they are beautiful—even a little fancy!  The redwood draws out the natural warmth in your yard to provide beautiful color year-round, and the angled sides are embossed with a floral, leafy pattern that perfectly complements the planter’s contents.

The first planter is a trough planter that’s 24” long at the inside of its base.  The outside dimensions are 7.5” W x 28.5” L x 6.75” H, and more sizes are on the way!  This planter pairs perfectly with our Mountain View bird feeders and houses, and like all of our products at QMT, it is Made in the USA.

24" Redwood V-Trough Planter