Retail Tips: First Impressions

As you walk into a store you’ve never been in before, what do you notice? Using your senses of sight, smell, and touch, notice what you see, how the store smells and what you touch first. These are all things to be cognizant of about your own store and how customers perceive it when walking in for the first time.

Look at your store with “new eyes”. What is capturing the customer’s attention when they first walk in? The entry is where many retailers place new items, higher-end items, and seasonal items, to capture a shopper’s attention and peak their interest to keep moving through the shop to find a gift or unique item they will tell their friends about later.

Once a shopper moves beyond the first ten feet of the store, are they seeing your best sellers and higher-margin products? Studies show that the “second” location, just past the entry, is the prime selling location of the store and should have high functioning displays that are easily reachable for customers to peruse.

Making sure your store is merchandised for easy shopping is only one technique for attracting customers. Other things to consider include:

  • Music: what does the music you’re playing say to your potential customers?
  • Style: is the store’s style in line with your target audience?
  • Smell: One of the strongest senses is smell. Is the scent throughout your store pleasing to the target shopper? Once you’ve found the perfect scent, make sure it’s just the right amount and not overpowering to sensitive noses.

You can review these merchandising tips and much more by downloading our Gift Store Merchandising Success E-Book. Let’s make 2018 successful together!