In-Store Displays

Corinthian Tower Retail Windchime DisplayQMT manufactures our in-store displays with the same attention to quality and detail that we use with our chimes.  Our displays are designed to highlight a wide range of sizes in an efficient footprint.  Black aluminum corner posts compliment the finish and style of our windchimes, and furniture-quality varnish adds class to the display bases, tops, and shelves.  Adjustable corner hooks allow you to customize the display for your store’s needs.  Our most popular display is the Corinthian Tower, shown to the right.

Corinthian Bells® Store Displays

QMT offers in-store displays for Corinthian Bells® in three sizes. Each display is crafted using classic black corner posts and furniture-quality oak for the bases & tops. Adjustable corner hooks let you tailor the display to your store's needs.
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Shenandoah Melodies® Store Displays

QMT offers three displays for the Shenandoah Melodies® brand. The cedar tops and bases of our Shenandoah displays match the strikers we use for our chimes, giving the entire setup a style that's consistent. Adjustable corner hooks allow you to utilize each display in a way that's best for your store.
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Arias Elite® Store Displays

Our Harmony and Melody displays offer fantastic views of all our chimes. The interiors give plenty of eye-level space for the larger chimes, while the adjustable corner hooks show off the smaller sizes.
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Arias® Store Displays

The Arias Crescendo store display is an artfull way to showcase your chimes, and the Tiffany is a compact alternative for smaller stores. The Crescendo displays 18 chimes in a 16" by 33" footprint, and the Tiffany displays 12 chimes on a 16" by 16" floorspace.
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Festival® Store Displays

We offer two retail displays to showcase your Festival windchimes. The Arbor display features our most popular sizes in a moderate 26" x 20" footprint, while the Trellis display offers hanging space for 22 chimes and two storage shelves for additional stock.
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Weatherland® Store Displays

Handcrafted from solid oak, the Glen display attractively showcases each of our Weatherland® windchimes. It displays 23 chimes in a 16" by 23" footprint. Twelve adjustable corner hooks allow you to customize the look of the display and highlight individual chimes.
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Mountain View® Store Displays

Our Westbrook store display shows 6 birdhouses and 6 bird feeders on a by 21" by 16" footprint. The Westbrook display uses mounting screws to display birdhouses and hanging hooks to display feeders, so that each is displayed as they would be hung or mounted at home.
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