Shenandoah Melodies® Windchimes

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Shenandoah Melodies® windchimes compliment their predecessors, Corinthian Bells® windchimes, in style and design. Designed to resonate beautiful tones in the slightest breeze, Shenandoah Melodies® chimes offer a five-note pentatonic scale that harmonizes beautifully. Their soft earth tone finishes evoke a mood of relaxation that hearkens to quieter times.

Elegance in Design

Shenandoah Melodies® windchimes build on the simple, stylish design of Corinthian Bells® and add a bit of their own flair. The Shenandoah dome features a fluted bell shape, and the unique Plum, Sage, and Chestnut finishes give these chimes a rich, earthy blend of color. The weather resistant wood striker in the small and medium size chimes are varnished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grains, giving tribute to nature’s harmony.

Available Colors

Shenandoah Melodies® are available in Plum, Sage, Chestnut, Green, Copper Vein, Patina Green and Black colors.

A new favorite, our plum finish is a deep purple color that carries a reflective sheen in bright light that combines a dark richness with bright accents.

Sage is a light olive finish with gold flecks.

Our Chestnut chimes are a sandy tan color that fits well with pastels, neutrals, or can serve as a light accent within a colorful décor.

Our Green finish is a deep forest green with highlights of black and patina giving depth to the color. One of our most popular colors, it compliments the outdoors and neutral colors of your home.

The Coppervein finish is dark brown finish with veins of black. It’s reflective surface shines well in the light.

Our Black finish is a durable, textured matte black. Classic and timeless, it transcends the fads and is always in style.

Patina Green
Patina Green compliments sandy beaches and pastels. It adds a light and cheery presence to any deck or room that compliments the chime’s music.

Sounds of Nature

Made with powder coated aluminum top, tubes and sail, Shenandoah Melodies® are individually hand-tuned to provide years of musical enjoyment. Our five-note design provides simple pentatonic harmonies that have inspired musicians throughout history. The gentle cedar strikers used in our chimes give a bright tone upon impact that does not distract from the ongoing resonance of its partner chimes.

Like our Corinthian Bells® windchimes, we select the clearest notes from each size pipe when designing our chimes. During construction, each pipe is cut with precision and hand-tuned to produce an accurate pitch. Chimes are assembled using a central pin so that the chime may ring freely, and are hung so that the striker activates the ‘sweet spot’ of each note.

Durable Construction

Shenandoah Melodies® windchimes are Made in the USA and made to last. We select the finest materials for our chimes and assemble them with determined consistency to provide you with quality you can count on. Our pipes, domes, and wind sails are an aluminum alloy which will not rust. The powder coated finishes are selected for their strength and durability against fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Our wood strikers are made of rot-resistant wood. The braided nylon cord used on our chimes is strength-tested and resistant to ultraviolet light. Each Shenandoah Melodies® windchime comes with a three-year warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship.

Design Profile

Hanging Hardware: Ring
Pipe Profile: Heavy-walled aluminum alloy
Shape of Base: Hollow Bell
Material of Base & Sail: Powder-coated Aluminum
Wind Sail Profile: Circle
Available Colors: Plum, Sage, Chestnut, Black, Green, Patina Green, Coppervein
Number of Tubes: Five
Available Sizes: Eight Sizes, ranging from 25 to 67 inches long


QMT Windchimes® offers a limited three-year warranty on Shenandoah Melodies® windchimes against defects in craftsmanship or materials. The warranty excludes alterations, normal wear and tear, as well as intentional misuse. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement at our option.