Rotary Club and the Four Way Test

As members and supporters of the Rotary International we strive as a company to initiate the Four Way Test in the running of our company.

The Four Way Test is the motto of Rotary International that challenges us to examine the things we think, say, and do with four questions:

  • Is it the Truth?
  • Is it Fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?
  • Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

When discussing situations among our employees and when working with customers we strive to approach all in open and understanding manner. QMT Wind chimes offers volunteer time to employees, gives opportunities for employees to be a part of our donation selection process, bond through employee appreciation events and encourage a positive workforce environment.

September of 2013 floods roared through downtown Estes park Colorado, mudslides destroyed mountain sides, landscaping in God’s hands, roads were blocked and disaster was spread across the mountains and valleys of Colorado. Within days, our customer service called all the stores affected and informed them that invoices would not be due until they were re-opened, on their feet and could pay bills. Since this event many of these store owners have personally sought us out to thank us for giving them some relief in this time of need, confusion and understanding. Each of these customers are still in business with us and have a stronger relationship with us going into the future. We strive to engage with our customers and build a bond based on friendship and mutual respect rather than a sales form. In many cases we know your name or store name before a customer number.

In the Estes Park flood incident we offered fair payment solutions, trusted our customers to pay when they could, built a stronger relationship, and acted on a model that was beneficial to all concerned.

When on vacation the Baisdens reach out to customers and have built personal friendships focused on mutual business relationships that are engaged and personal. Traveling and stopping in on store owners and asking questions and gaining feedback not only makes our relationship stronger but offers us true and beneficial feedback in our products and our business practices. QMT wind chimes asks for customer input on the show floor, reaches out in offering answers to frequent trouble shooting dilemmas and strives to have a symbiotic relationship with customers, end users, suppliers and our internal team. We believe that in running our family business, it is important to treat those within our business like family.