Shenandoah Melodies Windchimes

Like the melodic tunes and look of our Corinthian Bells Windchimes but want a new design? Our Shenandoah Melodies Windchimes build on the simple, stylish design of Corinthian Bells® and add a bit of their own flair!

Named in tribute to one of Virginia’s historic waterways, the Shenandoah River, these windchimes won’t disappoint with their hand-tuned five-note design which provides simple pentatonic harmonies that have inspired musicians throughout history.

The Shenandoah dome features a fluted bell shape, and the unique Plum, and Sage finishes give these chimes a rich, earthy blend of color. A real beauty to add to your spring and summer garden, the Shenandoah Melodies Windchime is a perfect gift for true nature lovers and also comes in our traditional colors of Black, Green, Patina Green and Coppervein. Our pipes, domes, and wind sails are an aluminum alloy which will not rust in the spring rains and each tube is powder coated for strength and durability against even the strongest summer humidity and weather fluctuations.

Like all of our QMT Windchimes, the Shenandoah Melodies Windchimes come in several size options and are Handmade in the USA! Shenandoah Melodies chimes take you back to a simpler time and place, just like their home state of Virginia. These melodies are the songs of nature – of beautiful Shenandoah vistas with blue mountains and green valleys. One customer noted, “(These) chimes are attractive and well made. (They) are melodious and reasonable in price.”

Another customer praised the Shenandoah Melodies Windchimes saying “(the chime) looks good, sounds wonderful without being intrusive; very pleasant to see and hear throughout the day and night.” Going on to say “I was surprised how sensitive they are to the slightest breeze. I highly recommend them as a gift to yourself or a friend and am looking forward to the warmer weather coming with the windows open so I can hear them even better!”

Ranging in price from $39 to $300 and sizes from 25″ to 67″ we offer a Shenandoah Melodies Chime to fit every taste and budget!