Wooden vs. All-Aluminum: What’s the Difference?

QMT Windchimes® is well known for our range of exceptional hand-tuned wind chimes for your home and garden.  We strive to create chimes that will not only sound beautiful, but that will also look appealing and distinctive.

We currently manufacture several brands of windchimes, right here in Virginia–some with wooden components and some that are entirely aluminum.  Every brand offers a unique look and sound so that there is something for everyone, but one of our most common questions is “what’s the difference?”

With our aluminum wind chimes, such as Corinthian Bells® or Gentle Spirits®, you simply can’t find a better sound.  To start, these lines are designed with centrally suspended heavy-walled aluminum tubes.  The quality of the material is what gives the chimes their sound and resonance, while the central suspension system allows the chime to resonate freely.  We believe this is superior to the more common method of running a string through each side of the tube, which can dampen and restrict the sound.  Additionally, the tubes are powder coated to match the dome and wind sail, giving a very contemporary and finished look to the chime.

The durability of these aluminum chimes is also without compare. The aluminum alloy used for the pipes, domes, and wind sails will not rust, and the powder-coated finishes protect against fluctuations in temperature and humidity, which allows these chimes to endure year-round weather.  The cord holding it all together is braided nylon, which is strength-tested and resistant to ultra-violet light.  In addition, several of the aluminum lines feature a plastic striker, designed with a custom polymer to withstand outdoor exposure.  This combination of durable, weather-resistant materials is sure to have these gorgeous chimes in your lawn or garden for years to come!  Overall, this all-aluminum design is superior in sound and durability.

Our windchime lines featuring wooden components, such as Arias Elite® or Weatherland® chimes, are also made with high-quality, durable materials.  They also feature a far more traditional look and are perfect for flawlessly blending in to your outdoor space.

All of the woods we use–redwood, walnut, and oak–are either naturally rot-resistant, or they are treated or varnished in order to protect from the elements.  The aluminum tubes are anodized or powder-coated for maximum durability, and the cord is a strong polyester for years of enjoyment.  The striker, dome, and wind sail are the wooden components, and they give the chimes a very rustic, naturally attractive look that will perfectly accent any lawn, garden, or patio space. These traditional chimes still provide great sound quality, but at a lower price point.

For more information and to see each line that we manufacture, Shop QMT Windchimes here.  With such a wide variety of chimes, we are certain that no matter your budget, space, or style, we have the perfect windchime for your home!  And no matter which chime you choose, you will know that it was 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA!