Warranty Information for QMT Windchimes

QMT Windchimes Product Quality

All QMT wind chimes are Made in the USA and designed to provide years of enjoyment with little or no maintenance.

Our wind chimes are designed to provide years of enjoyment hung in the out-of-doors with little or no maintenance.  We manufacture all our chimes with tubes made from our proprietary formula of aluminum alloy and they will not rust.  The tough cording is UV, mold, and mildew resistant. Strikers are made from high density polymer for outdoor durability in our higher-end lines, and otherwise are made from naturally sturdy woods.   When used, wooden components are varnished with either a dip or spray varnish and are weather resistant.

Even the best materials, however, will wear over time:  if your chimes have spent several seasons bringing beauty and music to your yard, you may be in need of a repair.  Fortunately, we include limited warranties with some brands, and we also have a non-warranty restringing program to restore any of your favorite chimes from QMT.

Our Limited Warranty

What Is Covered?

Each chime has enclosed in the box a warranty card with information about the warranty. The warranty covers errors in workmanship and materials, such as a sharp spot on a tube that causes a string to wear through. Currently, this warranty information applies to the following brands:

What Is Not Covered?

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Aesthetic damage to the tubes or wind sail from repeatedly banging together or hitting another object does not affect the sound of the chime and is not covered by the warranty.  This is normal wear and tear over either a very long time or excessive repeated contact with some object.  Under normal use, the tubes of the chime should not hit together. Chimes should be hung where they do not make contact with anything.

Each chime is evaluated individually by QMT when received for repair.

Repairing Your Chime

No registration is necessary when you receive your chime in order for it to be repaired.  We do ask that you send your receipt showing date of purchase and return the chime to us in original packaging. If you do not have this information, or if the chime was a gift, please include a note with information about length of ownership, what seems to be wrong, etc. A repair form can be downloaded here.

Make sure you include your home address and a daytime telephone number so that we can contact you if necessary about your repair!  Remember that each chime is evaluated individually. Please send your chime to:

QMT Windchimes
Attention: Repairs
9204 Vassau Court, Suite F
Manassas Park, VA20111

If the chime is covered by warranty, we will repair the chime and return it to you free of charge.  If the chime requires repair due to normal wear and tear or abuse (intentional or accidental), or if the chime is past its warranty date, we will contact you about the repair fee.

The customary repair fee is $25 + return shipping with extra charges for replacement parts, whether it is by choice for aesthetics or necessity because of loss or damage. Prices for replacement parts vary by size and line.  Occasionally, but rarely, at our discretion, we may choose to replace a chime rather than repair it.  You will be notified if this is the case for your chime.

Please contact customer service if you have specific questions about cost, timeliness, etc., and any one of our representatives would be more than happy to help you!